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Erica Durance In A Hardcore Gangbang

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

If you’re a fan of Smallville, then you’ve probably got the hots for Erica Durance!  Thank god they finally decided to follow continuity somewhat and have Clark fall for Lois Lane instead of that other slut, Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). Am I showing my bias and fanboy origins?  I apologize, but I’ve always found Erica Durance to be hotter than any other chick out there, mostly because I’ve seen just how hardcore this hottie can get!

And I think I’ve found something that makes Erica even hotter for me, and that’s saying something!  Because I now have here in my hand (and now here on my blog) hardcore photos of Erica Durance fucking three guys at once!  That’s three hard erections that our girl is servicing and I salute any gal who’s got that kind of ability!  It almost seems that she’s becoming a Supergirl when it comes to pleasing cocks, and that’s something we can always get behind.

Oh, and I almost forgot, aside from being a gangbang, she’s actually taking one cock up her ass!  Yes, that’s right, it’s an anal session as well as being a dirty orgy.  So tell me, can your favorite celebrity do that?  I don’t think so.  Click here if you want to see this cutie in even hotter fuck sessions!