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Erica Durance Topless

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Shout out that you’ve got pics of Lois Lane’s tits at a comic book convention and you could cause a stampede.  All those horny, nerdy, 40-year old boys who’ve never seen or touched a real titty in their lives would probably start feeling something strange in their pants as they start to fantasize about one of their comic book crushes drawn with her boobs visible, maybe while Superman’s using his X-ray vision.  Then they’ll rush your booth while panting with lust!

Imagine if they found out that what you have are pictures of Erica Durance showing her juicy titties.  They’ll probably overheat and start having nosebleeds left and right then.  That’s not a very comfortable scenario to be in, so why not just direct them to this page, so that they can all wank off to TV’s Lois Lane topless from the comfort of their own basement.  You’ll be doing the entire geek population a great service when you reveal these sizzling hot Erica Durance topless pics to them.

Of course, you’ll probably want to wank off to them yourself first, so go ahead, and then check out even more of these raunchy images when you visit this other site.