Erica Durance Nude

There are lots of Canadian cuties out there who know how to get our blood running hot with lust, and for the geeks out there, this sexy brunette is on the top of their list.  Why is this gal so special to the nerd set?  Well, it’s because she’s currently starring in one of their favorite TV shows — “Smallville“.  Yup, the adventures of a young Clark Kent is something guys of all ages who live in their parent’s basements definitely enjoy, and Erica Durance plays one comic book’s foremost leading ladies — Lois Lane, Superman‘s paramour herself.  Seeing Erica Durance nude would be just like seeing Lois Lane nude in the minds of many geeks, and that’s one fantasy that’s hard to ignore.

Erica was born in Calgary, Alberta on June 21, 1978, but raised in the Three Hills Area of Alberta.  Shortly after graduating high school, she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia though, to pursue her interest in a professional acting career.  While there she continued her acting lessons, and steadily built up her resume, with work as an extra, some TV commercials, and then more substantial guest roles on some series, like “The Chris Isaak Show”, plus some TV shows that added even more cachet to her geek cred, like supernatural shows “Tru Calling” and “The Collector“, and sci-fi programs “Andromeda” and “Stargate SG-1“.

But it was getting the role of Lois Lane that really boosted her career.  She was a frequent guest star on the fourth season, then became a member of the regular cast during the following seasons, until the present.  She’s also had some movie roles too, in such fare as 2003’s “House of The Dead” and 2006’s “Butterfly Effect 2“, it’s her role on “Smallville” that really brings in the fanboys.  Her appearance and high ranking in various FHM and Maxim magazine annual Hot 100 babes lists is a result of the wet dreams of many of the geeks out there lusting after this latest and hottest incarnation of Lois Lane in the flesh.  I mean, they can’t wank off to pics of Margot Kidder, right?

Her career’s been heating up because of her fanbase as Lois Lane, with a few movies and TV movies lined up for this year.  But it’s “Smallville” we’ll all still be tuning in to, aside from checking her out on the Erica Durance Nude website.  Now that’s something that would really boost her career if it ever got mainstream attention.  Check her out there and your Lois Lane fantasies will never be the same again!