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August 23rd, 2016 by J

Erica Durance is one of ’em chicks who likes going hardcore when having sex in the bathroom. After warming up by giving hot head and getting her cunt eaten, she’d go full throttle fucking rough until her partner cums and she squirts loads all over the place.

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April 10th, 2016 by J

Hardcore Erica Durance gets her bunghole plowed

Widely known for her role as Lois Lane on the hit TV series, Smallville, Canadian actress Erica Durance is not just a workaholic chick stuck inside her cubicle, making headlines for Daily Planet. Although she does something special when inside an office, may it be hers or someone else’s, some kinda work which takes her to places and wild adventures, she says. Yeah, still kinda sounded like Clark Kent taking her for a spin on some galaxy far far away. But this video gave us a peek, well, more than a peek as to what really goes on the moment she locks the office doors and ‘get to work’. She starts teasing her co-worker while she’s dressed in a way that shows off her hot curves and round butt. Flashing her meaty breasts and bending over to let this horny bastard have a taste of her bunghole. Loosening her ass by fingering it as she gets fucked in her pussy helped make it easy to stick that throbbing boner inside her ass next. Enjoying the ride so much she screams loudly until she cums. Then they finish off the business meeting with a messy cumshot on her face.

Erica Durance In A Hardcore Gangbang

May 3rd, 2010 by erica

If you’re a fan of Smallville, then you’ve probably got the hots for Erica Durance!  Thank god they finally decided to follow continuity somewhat and have Clark fall for Lois Lane instead of that other slut, Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). Am I showing my bias and fanboy origins?  I apologize, but I’ve always found Erica Durance to be hotter than any other chick out there, mostly because I’ve seen just how hardcore this hottie can get!

And I think I’ve found something that makes Erica even hotter for me, and that’s saying something!  Because I now have here in my hand (and now here on my blog) hardcore photos of Erica Durance fucking three guys at once!  That’s three hard erections that our girl is servicing and I salute any gal who’s got that kind of ability!  It almost seems that she’s becoming a Supergirl when it comes to pleasing cocks, and that’s something we can always get behind.

Oh, and I almost forgot, aside from being a gangbang, she’s actually taking one cock up her ass!  Yes, that’s right, it’s an anal session as well as being a dirty orgy.  So tell me, can your favorite celebrity do that?  I don’t think so.  Click here if you want to see this cutie in even hotter fuck sessions!

Erica Durance Hardcore Fucking

March 8th, 2009 by erica

Erica Durance is turning out to be one hot and horny celebrity, as this latest series of dirty pics of hers show.  These are just three of her reportedly numerous fuck sessions around Hollywood, and our Lois Lane fantasies have just officially gone into overdrive with these hardcore photos.  Erica Durance looks so fine riding cock reverse-cowgirl style, and she’s also really sexy when she’s on all fours, being pounded from behind by thrusts that are more powerful than a locomotive.

I’m sure we’d all love to stick our pork in her now that we’ve discovered that she’s one horny slut who doesn’t even mind that there’s a camera around when she gets down n’ dirty with her chosen fuckstud of the day.  She’s smiling directly at whoever’s taking the photo in these pictures, no doubt getting even more turned on with the thought that there are thousands upon thousands of guys out there jacking off to the sight of her naked body as she gets her pussy filled with big, juicy cocks.

Erica Durance is a slutty cutie after our own heart.  She loves indulging in erotic pleasures and sharing those moments with us.  Now what other fanboy favorite would do that for their fans?  Not a whole lot of them, let me tell you.  Click here to check out even more of this hot brunette as she gets us horny and makes us squirt cum that’s faster than a speeding bullet.

Erica Durance Masturbating

March 8th, 2009 by erica

Now this is an image that’ll get the horndogs and horny geeks out there panting with lust faster than a bunch of Erica Durance topless pics.  That’s because even if this is just one photo, it shows Erica Durance completely naked and fucking her pussy with a big, green dildo.  Oh yes, seeing a cute hottie like Erica Durance show us that she’s into self pleasure just shifts our libido into high gear, and we’re all turned on and lusting for this former Kokanee Beer Glacier Girl.  She’s looking really satisfied by her dildo-fucking in this pic, sliding that big, green toy up her moist and smooth slit, and we just love a girl who enjoys a self-pleasure session just as much as we do, don’t we?  I mean, that’s exactly what you’re doing right now as you stare at this pic, I’m sure.  Erica Durance is just too hot and too cute, and seeing her indulge her lust like this is almost too much!

Lucky for us, she just loves giving in to her dirty side, so there are lots more Erica Durance nude pics out there, with dildo-fucking and without.  Hey, whatever she does is fine with us, as long as she does it naked, right?  Just check out that link back there if you want more of her, and you know you do!

Erica Durance Topless

March 8th, 2009 by erica

Shout out that you’ve got pics of Lois Lane’s tits at a comic book convention and you could cause a stampede.  All those horny, nerdy, 40-year old boys who’ve never seen or touched a real titty in their lives would probably start feeling something strange in their pants as they start to fantasize about one of their comic book crushes drawn with her boobs visible, maybe while Superman’s using his X-ray vision.  Then they’ll rush your booth while panting with lust!

Imagine if they found out that what you have are pictures of Erica Durance showing her juicy titties.  They’ll probably overheat and start having nosebleeds left and right then.  That’s not a very comfortable scenario to be in, so why not just direct them to this page, so that they can all wank off to TV’s Lois Lane topless from the comfort of their own basement.  You’ll be doing the entire geek population a great service when you reveal these sizzling hot Erica Durance topless pics to them.

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